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Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to important questions.

How fast can I get my money?

Within 9-12 days usually. We can close within 7-10 days and the closing company/attorney can take an additional 1-2 business days to either wire your funds or cut a check.

Are there any inspections that need to happen?

Unless there are extreme circumstances at play such as structural issues or items like septic systems, there are typically no formal inspections involved.

How do I request a cash offer on my house?

Give us a call today or fill out and submit the following form.

Can I have a cash advance prior to closing?

Depending on your personal scenario and how much it can impact the closing date, in special cases a cash advance is possible.

How much are my closing costs?

Your closing costs are paid by us. Unless there are title issues such as a lien from a contractor or a judgment, your closing costs will be $0.00. The price we offer you is the amount you will be given at closing, less any title issues and back taxes.

Can you help me move?

Yes, we can. Again, this is on a case by case basis. Oftentimes, helping with a storage unit, moving truck, or even a down payment on an apartment is a possibility.

Is there an appraisal?

There is no appraisal.

Will my current tenant hold up the process?

Tenants typically will wait until the last minute to start making moving arrangements. If we have negotiated for your tenant to remain in the property after closing or if the current lease does not expire until after closing, the tenant will not hold up the closing. We are used to the tenant not being able to find a place to move to and frequently have to get involved to assist with living arrangements. The ultimate answer to this question is it depends.

Do you buy houses with hold over tenants?

Yes! As long as the current rent meets our minimum capitalization rate and our portfolio has an opening for a buy and hold, a hold over tenant is not an issue.

Can you stop foreclosure?

Of course…right before it hits the courthouse steps too! If you know you are facing foreclosure, the best position you can put yourself in is to start the process as soon as possible. We will help you navigate this process!

Can I use my own attorney for closing?

Legally, we can not force you to use a specific attorney or title company. However, it is much easier for everyone involved to use the same settlement agent. We always will give you the option to use your own attorney or title company for closing.

Can I stay in my house for a few days after we close?

This is called a rent back agreement. In most cases, this is allowed. In changing markets such as the one we are currently in (November, 2022), there is much more risk involved as this extends the construction timeline. At the end of the day, renting back for a few days is negotiable and we are always open to helping. We understand each scenario is vastly different.

What if I want to list my home for sale instead?

That’s an excellent idea! The feedback we hear most often is how informative we are. There are more ways to sell a home than purchasing it as a flip or listing it for sale. Let us know what you are thinking and we will tailor a solution specifically for your needs.

How long does it take to receive my funds after closing happens?

Settlement agents, whether an attorney or a title company, have 48 hours to record the transaction with the city and then disbursement happens. In most cases, you will receive your proceeds within 1-2 business days after closing.

Can you clear up liens on title?

Our partner attorney is excellent in locating payoffs, lien holders, creditors, debtors, etc. In order to clear up a lien on title, you will have to pay for the lien. Without equity in the home or available funds, you might be required to get a loan in order to satisfy the lien. Depending how much the purchase price and lien(s) are, we may be able to satisfy the debt obligation for you.

Can you help me find a place to move to?

We certainly can! We have relationships with many property managers and we can send you all active rentals that are within your price range, listed for rent on the MLS system. It depends on what you are looking for.

I owe more on the home than it’s worth, can you help me?

Yes! There are a few different options for this type of scenario. Depending on your hardship, it may be appropriate to do a short sale. Aside from a short sale, we may be able to do a subject to transaction with you where we assume your existing mortgage payments.

What types of houses do you purchase?

We purchase townhouses, condos, multi-families, duplexes, land, single family homes, vacation homes, and other various types of real estate such as cooperatives. If the price is right, we will even purchase new construction.

Do you purchase real estate in my city?

Most likely! We buy houses for cash in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Hampton, Newport News, Moyock, Smithfield, Carrollton, and other outlying areas around Southeastern Virginia.