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Our Home Buying Process
How we purchase your home step by step.

Schedule Appointment

Schedule Appointment: Schedule a visit to view your home. It’s too hard to determine the value of your home without seeing it in person. In fact, anyone that says they will give you an offer site unseen is concerning.

Initial Appointment

Initial Appointment: We will take about 40-70 pictures depending on the size of your home at our initial visit. After looking at the major mechanical systems, plumbing, and electrical, we will finish up and be on our way. This typically takes less than 1 hour.

Run Numbers

Run Numbers: We have a pretty fine tuned process for estimating repair costs, labor costs, and material costs. It’s at this time that we also determine the after repair value (ARV) and the as-is value of your home.

Submit Offer

Submit Offer: Our contract is only two pages and very easy to understand. We will review it with you and answer any and all questions you may have.


Inspections: After agreeing to the offer, we will begin conducting our inspections to determine exactly how much work must be completed in the areas that we were unable to view during our initial inspection. Typically, areas such as the attic and the crawl space are viewed during this time.


Paperwork: If you have a mortgage on the home, you will need to order a mortgage payoff and sign a few documents from your closing attorney.

Title Search

Title Search: A title search is performed to make sure there are no liens or judgements on the title. This will be taken care of by the title company or real estate attorney prior to closing.


Closing: You sign the closing document and ownership changes hands. If you are out of town or in a different state, the closing documents will be overnighted to you and a notary will help you sign the documents which will then be mailed back to the closing attorney.


Disbursement: Once the transaction is recorded with the city, your proceeds can be disbursed!

We approach every home buying process differently, but with one very important common element. Our approach is always customized to your individual needs. What separates us from the sea of cash investors these days? We are not a high volume operation. We are small, very fine tuned, and extremely efficient…and we like it that way! 

Over the years we have developed a system that works very well. Our process starts when we have our initial conversation with you about your home and ends when you receive your funds from closing. So what happens after our initial conversation? 

We like to schedule a site visit to understand your home. From here, we are able to put together a customized plan that entails everything from adding an addition to knowing the cost per linear foot of trim needed. Once we have our numbers compiled, we can then have a very intelligent conversation about your house and our cash offer.