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Project Da Nang

Project Da Nang was packed with Vietnamese flair. I’ll circle back to that. Da Nang started off with a difficult decision…add the formal primary bedroom en suite combo, which meant the addition of a bathroom and remove a load bearing wall to create an open living concept or get in and get out. Was the additional work worth the squeeze knowing the real estate market was anything but certain? Hein’s site is always twenty twenty and when you’re deep in the renovation it’s almost impossible not to follow your impulses. However in this case, the changing real estate market made the decision on our behalf and we went with the quick turn. Get in, get out.

There have been much easier flips. While De Nang was not the juggernaut of a pain in the ass a circa 1890’s farmhouse could be, it did have minor problems that needed to be solved. 

  • The electrical panel needed to be upgraded 
  • The washer was located in the hallway and the dryer was located in the garage 
  • It was a Sears home (which means a mouthful of varying differences in construction materials)
  • It had a tone of wood paneling
  • The garage had an exterior man door added to it making the front elevation ugly and the garage non functional
  • A commercial grade window was installed years ago in the living room with a very large 12’ wide rough opening
  • The kitchen was impossible and there was no formal dining room
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