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Home Value
Determine the value of your home.

Your home’s value is dependent on many variables. For instance, what type of repairs may be needed, the current real estate market conditions, whether or not your home is located in a flood zone, and many other factors can all affect the value of your home. We have a very streamlined process when it comes to determining the value of your home.

It’s not accurate to submit your address to a computer algorithm when determining the current value of your home. Website’s such as, have gotten better over the years, but any home value calculated by an algorithm simply can not be accurate. While website algorithms can compare recent sales, they do not calculate current cost of materials, labor, adjustments for features included in the home, etc. 

It’s our job to help determine what the “as-is” value of your home is. We are professionals when it comes to estimating repair costs, labor costs, and material costs. Not only are we very precise when it comes to all of these various expenses, but we are also extremely familiar with the Hampton Roads area. 

After viewing the home, we will have a real estimate with a game plan that we will let you know about. Many times, we modify floor plans to add bathrooms, bedrooms, additions, and exterior features that can drastically increase the value of your home. 

In real estate, the old saying is, “Location, Location, Location.” Just as important and much less discussed, is Timing. Determining the value of your home so we can make a cash offer is pretty simple. There are a few things that need to happen before we can give you a cash offer on your home and they are the following: 

  1. Submit the form below.
  2. Preliminary research to determine the After Repair Value (ARV) is conducted.
  3. We will schedule a time to come view your home. 
  4. After viewing your home we will provide a cash offer.

Home Values

Different types of home values.

There are different types of home values. Some of these values are discussed all the time, but a few of them are less known. Below, you will find a cheat sheet of home values. 

  • Appraised Value – A licensed appraiser places on your home by using other comparable homes and making adjustments to establish an appraised value.
  • Assessed Value – Your real estate taxes are based upon this value. The city assessor is in charge of these values.
  • Market Value – What a buyer is willing to pay for your home is considered to be the market value. Market value is often associated with listing your home for sale on the Multiple Listing Service and generally appeals to the entire market of buyers. 
  • As-Is Value – As-Is value can be compared to market value. This value is used by investors to determine the current condition of the property before repairs are completed. The major difference if there is one between as-is value and market value is that market value is appealing to the entire buyer pool, while as-is value may only be relevant to the cash buyer or investor buyer pool.
  • After Repair Value – ARV is an acronym that is frequently used in the investment world. This is a future value placed on the home after repairs have been completed and takes into consideration an entire renovation of the home.